Research Summary

This site documents my ongoing research to establish the origins of my mothers paternal great grandfather Arthur/George/William Courtenay/Courtney!

Featured image: By Richard Rixon, 1841 – Saint, A., Guillery, P. (ed.), Woolwich – Survey of London, Volume 48, p. 60. Yale Books, London, 2012. ISBN 978 0 300 18722 9, Public Domain.

Traditional Research

Other possible connections

Genetic Research

The DNA of George Courtney

  • Recreating the genome of Abigail Courtney
    • Visual phasing of the 4 Roberts-Murphy siblings (children of Ted);
    • Inferred mapping via 2 descendants from Roberts-Murphy sibling 5;
    • Visual phasing of another 4 Robert-Courtney siblings (grandchildren of Jimmy)

    • Determining Genetic Groups
      • Eliminating the segments inherited from Abigail Courtneys mother Abigail Paice;
      • Interrogating remaining segments though traditional genealogical research to identify common ancestors within triangulated groups.

    DNA Triangulated Groups and Cluster Analysis

    Theories and Possibilities


    Irish Lines of Interest

    Unlikely Courtney Lines

    Eliminated Courtney Lines

    At a recent Society of Australian Genealogists hangout I presented a session on my DNA journey since 2010. It includes details of the extensive genetic research into George's origins. Click here to view.

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